Jesus in the Eucharist is also the Tree

When you see these pictures what do you think? Sit, write down whatever comes to your mind (hint hint: it's something to do with the title)                    You're probably thinking, Ally how in the world do these two pictures share anything in common?   Story time: Back [...]


And Now The Questions Come

Dear my Sisters and Brothers,   Have you questioned something? Have you ever felt like a crazy person to find an answer you wanted to know and wouldn't stop until you found it? Have you ever felt like you failed because what you were trying to find you couldn't and it was so unclear? Have [...]

The Hidden Message

Today for this blog post I wanted to dig more deeper into Jesus being truly present in the Eurcharist. I got some inspiration for this topic from a video of Father Mike Schmitz. And ever since I watched that video this line kept coming up "Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist... it is him." [...]